Connecting “Connected” Aspiring Leaders

I am working with a group of aspiring leaders this weekend  and part of our work this session is connecting leaders within their own professional learning network and connecting them to other connected leaders.  As it often happens in education, the teacher becomes the learner…

In reality, this is an opportunity for me to reconnect with my own professional learning networks.  I asked candidates to search for connected leaders from our board and oops up came my name and my blog.  This is when I realized that I have not blogged in almost year and I only have one post-yikes.

So here goes attempt number 2 at modelling being a connected leader….


One thought on “Connecting “Connected” Aspiring Leaders

  1. jcaru19

    I love the asynchronous nature of my online professional learning network because it allows all of us to jump in on our own terms. I too experience periods of inactivity but I also experience times of extreme activity because of a spark of interest. Not everything I read resonates with me and that’s okay but it may flashback when it matches a personal experience… but if it’s never shared, then it’s a guarantee that I’ll never engage with it. Welcome back Kelly!


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