Oh boy, here it is!

Soooo…my colleagues have heard all the reasons I haven’t or couldn’t blog. This week Will Richardson told me “can’t often means won’t.” I have also declared virtually and in person that my next step in my 21st century leadership journey is to post on my blog…so here it is.

Lots of great learning this week. Lucky to have Will Richardson join in our learning this week as a critical friend. I’m not sure that he “comforted the agitated” but I think he definitely “agitated the comforted.”

One of my worries when educators talk about needing technology to engage students is thast the use of technology equates to digital worksheets. After seeing Twitter explode this weekend with #ADSBlearns, I see that our teachers don’t want that either. The power of 21st century learning is the networks and connections we can make.


Kerri Grasley tweets about her class connecting with ISO honey bee experts; I retweet; I start following Pam Moran (as suggested by Will Richardson; Pam quotes tweet to her staff (they have a pollination project) and now their bee class in Virginia is going to connect to Kerri’s class virtually. How cool is that!?

Without knowing it, Kerri has contributed to my leadership journey in 2 ways:

1. By being a connected teacher she allowed me to see the power of Twitter and 21st century learning and ultimately how easy it was to connect.

2. She provided me with something to blog about.


5 thoughts on “Oh boy, here it is!

  1. Caroline Beemer

    I’m joining your first time blogger group! Started mine up yesterday. Now excuse me I need to go learn more about this pollination project!

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